Activity Week in Pre-school

Activity Week In Preschool

Activity Week in pre-school is a time of exploration, fun, and learning. By incorporating activities like fireless cooking, a pajama party, sensory walks, art by recycling, swimming, and washing day, pre-schoolers can engage in diverse experiences that promote social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development. These activities foster creativity, imagination, environmental consciousness, and a sense of community among the children. Remember to provide appropriate supervision, prioritize safety, and adapt activities to suit the age and abilities of the preschoolers. Let Activity Week be a memorable and enriching time for every child involved.

“Recipe Day”

During activity week, Tuesday 23rd May, 2023 will be recipe day in which our Pre-schoolers will enjoy making different recipes (No Oven/ No Fire)

“Pajama Party”

On Wednesday 24th May, 2023 students will enjoy a fun filled Pajama Party. Kindly send your child in Pajamas/ Night Suits.

“Washing Activity”

On Thursday 25th May, 2023 we will introduced washing activity among students for that kindly send 1 Sachet of any washing powder and 1 pair of Socks. (Old/ Used).

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