Our Mission

  1. The mission of the school is to provide the possible education as also to mould strong religious and moral character of our younger generation.
  2. We are promising to provide the best possible education in our institute, to help the child to learn through activity based learning, concept-based curriculum and continuous innovation.
  3. To provide superior pre-primary education to each child in an environment of motherly love and care.
  4. To develop full potential and competency of a child for taking on formal education and challenges of life with ease, grace and joy.
  5. We aim to produce talented youngsters who would distinguish themselves by their knowledge, competence, humanitarian and moral students.
  6. The pupils are groomed to approach all types of problems in a positive and constructive manner, to respond to the requirement of ever changing world, to show tolerance and respect to others and to serve their religion, society country and humanity in the most befitting manner.